Having trouble mastering meditation? You’re not alone. Sitting quietly with your thoughts isn’t easy. But mantra meditation can make it easier to get into that calm, still state while helping you be more positive.

For those of you who don’t know, mantra meditation is the practice of repeating a word or phrase and focusing all of your attention on it. All of that repetition and hyper-focus can help shut down those wandering thoughts.

Mantras are part of Hindu and Buddhist traditions, but mantra meditation doesn’t have to be a religious or spiritual practice. It can simply be a way to improve your well-being and wellness.

Mantra meditation is different from mindfulness meditation, but the benefits are similar.

Mantra Meditation

7 Benefits of Mantra Meditation

1. Increased Focus

Like other forms of meditation, mantra meditation can improve your focus. In fact, the entire practice is all about focusing on a word or phrase (your mantra).

Each time your mind wanders, you bring your attention back to the mantra. Over time and with practice, it becomes easier to stay focused on the mantra. Essentially, you’re strengthening your focus muscle every time you practice.

2. A Calmer, Clearer Mind

A mantra meditation practice can help you achieve a clear, calm mind. In fact, there is some evidence that it may even help improve your brain health.

In one study, people with memory problems practiced a type of kundalini meditation involving chanting. After eight weeks of practice, participants saw an improvement in cognitive function and cerebral blood flow, which may help:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Boost your mood
  • Give you energy
  • Improve memory
  • Give you peace of mind

Research from 2017 may explain why mantras have these psychological benefits. Mantra repetition synchronizes the left and right sides of the brain, which helps produce relaxing alpha brain waves.

Other research shows that repetition of a word or phrase can quiet the mind and prevent it from wandering. Likewise, mantras can keep you grounded and keep you from worrying about the past or future.

3. Improved Breath Control

Meditation, in general, can help improve your breath control, but mantra-based meditation has a slight edge. Chanting a mantra creates a rhythm, and your breath naturally follows that rhythm.

It takes a focused effort to synch your breath with your mantra. But, over time, your practice can help you better control your breath.

All of that slow, controlled breathing will also help you feel more relaxed.

4. Less Stress

In general, taking time out to relax and sit quietly can help reduce physical stress. Meditation takes this one step further by helping you stay in the present moment. When you’re not thinking about past or future stress, you can enjoy the moment.

How effective is mantra meditation at reducing physical stress?

In one study, HIV patients practiced transcendental meditation, a type of mantra meditation. Their daily meditation practice helped reduce intrusive thoughts while improving their quality of life.

With daily practice, this type of meditation can give you peace of mind while helping reduce psychological stress and chronic stress.

Benefits of Mantra Meditation

5. Positive Outlook and Emotions

Mantras are powerful things. Repeat them daily, and you can actually change your mindset. Practice it in group meditation and everyone will feel the positive energies you’re putting out there.

We are the stories that we tell ourselves. Each time you recite a mantra in your daily life, you’re rewriting your story. You’re replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Mantras can be so effective at changing your outlook that therapists and wellness coaches use them themselves.

Let’s say that you’re feeling anxious today. During your mantra meditation session, you may focus on effective mantras for anxiety, like:

  • This too shall pass
  • I am strong
  • All is well
  • I am loved
  • I am safe

Each time you repeat your mantra, whether it’s out loud or in your mind, you are changing your thought pattern and can change your outlook for the day.

There are many ways to use this effect to your advantage. For example, adopting a daily morning mantra meditation can help you start your day with a positive outlook and productive mindset.

6. Improved Communication Skills

Mantra and even mindfulness meditation aren’t usually associated with communication skills, but they can indirectly help you express yourself more clearly and with care.

Daily meditation practice can help you maintain a calm mind and perceive the world around you without judgment. It’s not as easy to get riled up by disagreements, confrontations and unexpected life changes.

When you approach problems without judgment and with a clear mind, you can communicate more clearly and effectively.

Final Thoughts

The practice of mantra meditation has many awesome benefits, from focused attention to less anxiety and a more positive attitude.

Best of all, many people find that mantra meditation is the easiest meditation technique to master because your mind has something to focus on.

If you want to experience these benefits for yourself, create a list of your favorite mantras and give this type of meditation a try today.

Rene Emery

Rene Emery

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