About The Healthy Gnome

Who is The Healthy Gnome?

We’re Mike and Rene.

And, our day job has us writing professionally for businesses, people – everyone.

The Healthy Gnome is a site about topics that we:

  • Took classes on
  • Read books about
  • Have first-hand experience in
  • Spent dozens of hours researching

Health and wellness are two topics we absolutely love. We’re always trying to better ourselves, and everything we’ve learned in the past or are learning will likely be put into a blog at some point.

Why health and wellness?


I’m a spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury survivor, and since the age of 13 I’ve had to commit countless hours to research, taking classes, going to therapy, and focusing on: fitness, weightlifting, strength training, recovery, nutrition, meditation – anything that can help me get better.


I’m an artist, nature-lover that has been doing yoga, meditation, food and health-related activities for 15+ years. Gardening is a new hobby of Mike and I, since we now have a 4-acre homestead and are learning how to grow our own food, forage, and reconnect with nature on a beautiful mountaintop.