Energizing meditation can help you get through your day feeling fresh, vibrant and like you had a good night of sleep. In fact, studies have been done on meditation and energy levels proving that mindfulness meditation can significantly boost your energy.

If this sounds weird to you, chances are you were like me, where meditation led to a brief, quick nap.

However, with the right technique, meditation can provide you with a sense of clarity and a kick of energy.

What Waterloo’s Study on Meditation and Energy Found

The University of Waterloo did a study on Hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation. The study found that Hatha yoga or mindfulness meditation were both equally beneficial to the 31 study participants.

Those included in the study had the following schedule:

  • 25 minutes of yoga
  • 25 minutes of mindfulness
  • 25 minutes of quiet reading

When examined after yoga or mindfulness, researchers found that participants had much better results when completing executive functions.

However, that’s not all that the study found.

Researchers note that participants felt more energized after meditation and yoga. Energizing meditation works to improve energy levels, but the study does note that Hatha yoga provided more of an energy boost than just meditation on its own.

Note: You don’t need to do Hatha yoga to get these energy benefits, although it can provide more of an energy kick than meditation. Instead, practicing mindful meditation can also help you feel more energized.

Getting Started With Energizing Meditation

Meditation and mindfulness can both help you feel energized. Some people swear by energizing meditation music, but for this article, we’re going to practice without the music.

If you want to perform energizing meditation, you should focus on the following:

  1. Inhaling while visualizing energy entering the body
  2. Exhaling the stress and negativity out of the body

Deep breathing while meditating will allow you to fill the body with more energy. Some schools of thought are that deep breathing allows you to “jump charge” your relaxation. When you breathe in energy, you relax the body and help regulate the exhausting emotions that you feel.

However, you can also do the same with mindfulness.

Mindfulness is something that a lot of people enjoy because they can do it anywhere . You can practice at work, on the bus or train or anywhere else you want without being in a formal setting. You don’t even need to worry about meditation hand positions or alerting those around you that you’re meditating.

For example, when you’re eating lunch:

  • Slowly chew your food
  • Take deep, meaningful breaths between bites
  • Focus on the food, where it came from, the farmers who planted and harvested it, the sun that helped it grow, the rain that watered the plants
  • Feel the textures and taste of the food on your tongue
  • Find joy in every bite that you take

Of course, you can do the same with meat or any foods that you eat. You can even be mindful walking, thinking about each step, the exertion of your calf muscles and quads, your heel touching the ground and so on.

We’ve written an entire guide on this practice, which you’ll want to read through if you’re new to mindfulness.

Click here to read our guide on how to practice mindfulness.

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5 Tips to Feel More Energized During the Day

On top of meditation, there are a lot of small changes that you can do to feel more energized throughout your day, such as:

  1. It goes without saying, but you need to focus on getting better sleep to feel more energetic throughout the day.
  2. Avoid drinking caffeine before bed.
  3. Practice deep breathing exercises before you go to bed.
  4. Put your phone on silent.
  5. Exercise or do yoga to further increase your energy

Of course, a jolt of delicious coffee or cappuccino in the morning can also help, but I do recommend avoiding meditation right afterward if caffeine makes your mind wander a lot.

Energizing meditation can be any meditation that helps you relax and release the tension of the day. If you stay in the moment, focus on your breathing and remain consistent in your practice, you’ll begin to feel more energized and less stressed.

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